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Are you drawn to watercolor?

Do you love the soft gradients, visual textures, and luminous quality of watercolor paintings but struggle to capture the imagery your after?

Meet your instructor

Watercolor is a beautiful but challenging medium. I'm here to make sure you have the right tools to succeed in reaching your artistic goals.

Welcome Friends,
I'm Jill Williams, and I'm here to help you reignite your creative spark, and guide you into developing a solid creative process that brings joy, and is at the forefront of life once again...or for the first time ever! Whether you're picking up your brush again after several years, or are wanting to develop your current skills more quickly, you'll find the direction and one-on-one support you're looking for.

As a professional watercolorist, workshop instructor, and creative mentor. I believe that we have similar experiences with reconnecting with our art after extended seasons of career & family, and I'd like to encourage you to embark on a new creative journey!

You may be realizing that you've lost touch with your creative side, which is typically the first step in the process of rediscovering your artistic path.

Questions you may ponder often:
What if I'd just continued to paint all these years?
What if I'd chosen a different career path?
What if I'd made more time for my art?
What if I can't even learn to paint?
What if....?

You've likely explored these questions and more, and found yourself wondering if it's possible to start creating art again after raising children, or retiring, or after a major life change. You might wonder if you could start creating art regularly for the first time ever!

The answer is YES!

While there are countless reasons for life's direction, there is only one reason why it's important for you to reclaim your desire to create and produce the art you want to make. You have a specific and valuable contribution to make to the world through the imagery that's hidden within you, and you can begin fulfilling that desire today. It's time to reignite that creative spark, and experience joy with your creativity.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you want to start painting your best work to date?

​No more wasting materials, making mud, and feeling overwhelmed by watercolor.

Do you want guidance that shaves years off your trajectory?

Regardless of experience level, watch your work improve, or your money back in 30 days!

Would you like to gain new skills from day one?

Learn to be a confident and technical watercolorist without continual trial and error.

My own journey of rediscovery

My art journey began in childhood when I discovered the joy of drawing for the first time, and never stopped! High school and college passed like a blur, and after earning a BFA and BA, I worked many years as an illustrator, muralist, stained glass artist, and graphic designer. But my true heart's desire was to paint. But, as many of have experienced, life seems to have a way of taking the wheel, and we're steered in directions quickly, and often, where we didn't plan on going!
~ Embracing the Journey ~
Carving out a career remained in the forefront, and after my husband and were married for a few years, I became self-employed as a designer, and we started planning for children. They came! I was a devoted, stay-at-home-homeschooling-mom, and cherished every moment with my 2 sons, but I knew I was neglecting my art. I knew I was doing a lot of things right, BUT, I felt that deep ache inside over not having space in my life for painting.
~ If you've experienced that ache too, I can relate! ~
But I was determined to take control and find my way back! In 2006, when my sons were older, I began making promises to myself to paint again, then started taking action to regain control of my organization and time so that I could rekindle my relationship with painting. It was such a difficult process, with good days and bad, but in the last 16 years, I've succeeded in bringing painting back to the forefront of my daily life, as well as working as a professional painter and instructor for the last 8 of those 16 years.
I know a lot about your journey.
I know a lot about your desire to create art, and how you feel when you've not been able to do it.
I want you to know that you have a unique creative path worth following.
I want to share my experience and skills with you so that you're not alone in rediscovering YOUR artistic self.

What makes membership special?

Developing skill takes time and commitment, and having expert guidance will help you achieve your artistic goals more quickly and efficiently. Having direction and support with clear objectives will also enable you to grasp, and perfect your techniques. 

4 major stages of joyful, self-expression through painting
Growth will encompass many stages, but these 4, really hit the highlights of a painter's creative journey.
Envision yourself in each of these stages.
In my membership, you'll be guided through these stages to achieve your maximum potential

What's included in membership?

Membership Dashboard
All of the membership content is housed on my website. All replays are fully accessible in the Membership Portal, currently with over 100 hours of instructional video sections. Social interaction is offered via the membership's private Facebook group.


Multiple Demo Librairies
(currently $12000+ value alone in library content)
All members currently have access to previous years of membership activity, enabling you to access 100's of hours of demo that precede your membership! 

Weekly Instruction
(a $5000 value)
Every month, you'll receive access to FOUR brand new, full-length step-by-step demo in the membership portal, with discussion on techniques & strategy throughout the session. No matter how long you're in the membership, you'll never see the same demo twice! (only 3 demos are shared in November and December to leave room for Thanksgiving & Christmas)
Theme Based Instruction
Each month, a new subject matter 'theme' is used to explore concepts more deeply and to promote proficiency with various techniques. The membership uses photo references, and no photo is used twice. Landscapes are the primary focus of the instruction, but I will add still life occasionally for variety and skill development.
Facebook and Email Integration
Members are encouraged to join and participate in the private membership group on Facebook for social interaction and sharing your work! Each week, members will receive the week's video link and reference photo Facebook. The link can be accessed at anytime by logging in to your membership.
Growth Workbook
(a $20 value)
Knowing where you are in your painting development is crucial! You'll receive a PDF guide that will help you develop a game plan for your 4 major stages of growth as a painter. It will help identify your strengths and weakness, with recommendations for areas you should focus on for your particular goals.
Technique Toolbox
(a $650 value)
Access to hours of beginner videos to explore or brush up on a variety fundamentals, and techniques unique to the membership.


Free Access to multiple promotional workshops
(a $650 value)
In Members have access to more than 5, multi-day painting workshops for as long as the membership is active.


Tip & Strategy Video (coming January 2024)
In addition, you'll receive access links to the monthly 'tip & strategy' videos that feature great instruction to help your watercolor process.


One-on-One Zoom Calls (optional)

These are paid, power packed, one-on-one strategy sessions, fully focused opportunities to help you develop a game plan for your creative pursuits! Whether you're wanting help to expand your artistic goals, explore in depth skill development, or anything in between, this time is set aside for you to get a new perspective and actionable items that you can use to start heading toward a new horizon! 

30 Day, Money-Back Guarantee
That's right! For all first time members, if find that you're not satisfied with membership, you can cancel anytime during the first 30 days for a full refund if you don't find value in over $18,000 worth of training content in the membership. Watercolor with Jill Membership is offered at an incredible value for only $395 per year! A monthly payment option is available as well.

See what others have to say...

Are you wanting to take your work to the next level?
Even members who have been painting for years find great value in the instruction provided, and enjoy taking on the challenge of pushing new boundaries with materials, style, color, and the exploration of representational and abstract themes within the landscape genre.
Having a guide is so valuable.
You can expect a nurturing instructional experience each week throughout the year, that enables you to confidently understand the processes, techniques, and strategies of landscape painting, that will expand your abilities regardless of your current skill level.

Still have questions?

Yes! No matter when your membership begins you have access to everything that has ever been created in the membership area!

Membership is a 12-month cycle with monthly payment options, or a one time annual charge. Memberships are set up with automatic renewal until you decide to cancel. Membership enrollment for new members opens currently each February, May, August, and November. (My 2023 schedule pushed May into June)

Billing can be set up annually or monthly. Both are recurring payments and can be cancelled at any time.

It's really simple, all first time members have 30 days to try out the membership, and if after 30 days you're dissatisfied for any reason, you can cancel with no further billing. For monthly billing, you'll be refunded the first month, and no further payments will be incurred. For annual payment plan, the entire annual payment will be refunded if you're not satisfied within the first 30 days. All refunds are issued less the transaction fees associated with your subscription and refund.

Monthly payment members may cancel at any time after the 30 day mark, with no further billing. For single payment annual plans after 30 days, a refund is available for any remaining months, less the transaction fees associated with your prorated refund.